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    PostedRelease DateTitle
    10/16/201910/16/2019Barbara Barrett Ethics Agreement
    10/16/201910/16/2019Executive Branch Personnel Public Financial Disclosure Report - Barbara Barrett
    10/04/201910/02/2019Evaluation of the DoD’s Handling of Incidents of Sexual Assault Against (or Involving) Cadets at the United States Air Force Academy
    09/26/201909/26/20192018 DOD Annual Suicide Report
    09/26/201909/26/20192018 Annual Suicide Report External Briefing
    09/23/2019Air Force FY18 NDAA Section 1064 Study
    08/27/201908/27/2019Air Force FY19 Natural Disaster Supplemental Appropriations Military Construction Projects
    08/08/201908/02/2019US Air Force Academy Reaffirmation Action Letter from the Higher Learning Commission
    08/07/201908/07/2019MITRE USAF Aircraft Inventory Study - Executive Summary and Unclassified Report
    07/08/201907/01/2019Space Development Agency - Next Generation Space Architecture RFI
    07/02/201906/26/2019CBO Cost Estimate: H.R. 2500, National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020, As reported by the House Committee on Armed Services
    06/28/201905/23/2019DOD Annual Industrial Capabilities Report to Congress for FY 2018
    06/27/201906/27/2019CSIS Briefs: "Space Force or Space Corps? Competing Visions for a New Military Service"
    06/07/201906/07/2019Shanahan Letter on Turkey's Status in F-35 Program
    06/04/201906/04/2019Senate Armed Services Committee's Advance Policy Questions for Gen. Jay Raymond, USAF Nominee for Appointment to be Commander, United States Space Command
    06/01/201906/01/2019DOD Indo-Pacific Strategy Report
    05/08/201905/08/2019CBO Report: "The Personnel Requirements and Costs of New Military Space Organizations"
    03/08/201903/08/2019Secretary Wilson Resignation Letter
    02/11/201902/11/2019Mobility Capabilities Requirements Study 2018