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2,013 No. 4
April 2013

  • By Adam J. Hebert
    North Korea has dashed hopes that it might change.
  • By Amy McCullough
    USAF was forced into immediate action when sequestration kicked in.
  • By Marc V. Schanz
    The air and maritime concept is maturing, but must fight off interservice rivalries and Pentagon politics.
  • By John A. Tirpak
    USAF tells its story poorly and lands few key joint jobs. These problems are self-inflicted—and serious.
  • By Gabe Starosta
    In January, Eglin welcomed the first F-35 student pilots.
  • By Aaron M. U. Church
    The new Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force has his eye on preserving airmen’s long-term strength.
  • By Anna Mulrine
    There’s no magic bullet.
  • By John A. Tirpak
    This is going to hurt.
  • By Aaron M. U. Church
    EOD technician SSgt. Beau Chastain walked into a trap ... and all the way back to active duty.
  • By Marc V. Schanz
    The US is preparing to sustain, and simplify, its nuclear warhead stockpile.
  • By John T. Correll
    There was Terry and the Pirates and Steve Canyon, to say nothing of the Dragon Lady.
  • By Barrett Tillman
    The P-51 pilots out of Iwo Jima had to fly 1,500 miles over water to protect B-29s over Japan for less than an hour.
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