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2,013 No. 7
July 2013

  • By Adam J. Hebert
    Airmen shouldn’t need to be told any of this.
  • By John A. Tirpak
    Adversaries are sharpening the skills needed to keep the US military away in times of war. But USAF has also been working to ensure the US doesn’t get locked out of a war zone.
  • By Amy McCullough
    Internal and external reviews will reshape the Air Force’s Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve.
  • By Marc V. Schanz
    Low on cash, USAF rethinks its most basic mission.
  • By Rebecca Grant
    The F-15 masterfully addressed USAF’s air combat frustrations from Vietnam and became the most successful fighter in history.
  • By Michael C. Sirak
    Airmen want to eat. The global operation needed to feed them is bigger than most realize.
  • By Richard Halloran
    A lot has changed in PACAF over the last 10 years. A lot more will change over the next 10.
  • By Peter Grier
    People know what the Wright brothers accomplished, but they were not the first humans to take to the air.
  • By John T. Correll
    Eisenhower did not regard Berlin as an important military target. He would not expend tens of thousands of Allied lives to take it.
  • By Walter J. Boyne
    At the time, the Globemaster II crash near Tokyo was the worst air disaster in history.
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