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2,013 No. 8
August 2013

  • By Adam J. Hebert
    The US must exercise caution before choosing new military operations.
  • By John A. Tirpak
    Joint programs were touted as the only way to go in acquisition. Why have they caused such heartburn?
  • By Amy McCullough
    For the Air Force, it’s nothing new.
  • By Rebecca Grant
    The small system spreads intel to those who need it most, with an outsize impact on the battlefield.
  • By Peter Grier
    POWs from the Vietnam War were recently treated to a celebratory dinner, 40 years after the original that welcomed them home.
  • By Amy McCullough, News Editor
    A vast portion of military service records were lost because there were no copies.
  • By Walter J. Boyne
    A 1935 crash almost killed the B-17 program. The accident led to the modern checklist, and the B-17 survived.
  • By John T. Correll
    To the dismay of Henry Kissinger, not everyone saw the benefits of his masterpiece.
  • By Walter J. Boyne
    The no-nonsense general made airpower work in some of the toughest environments.
  • Candidates for the national offices and Board of Directors.
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