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2,013 No. 9
September 2013

  • By Adam J. Hebert
    This is not over. The problems have just begun.
  • By Amy McCullough
    The massive drawdown effort is already underway.
  • By Michael C. Sirak
    The Alliance has long had a shortage of non-US ISR capability. Here’s the plan to address that.
  • By Marc V. Schanz
    As unrest ripples across the Middle East, Jordan strengthens its ties with the US.
  • By John A. Tirpak
    Grounded units, canceled exercises, and a deepening maintenance backlog make everything the Air Force does more difficult.
  • Photography by Jim Haseltine / Text by Brandon Conradis
    Pacific Air Forces drilled in February with airmen from Japan and Australia in this two-week exercise.
  • By Rebecca Grant
    The Air Force can learn a lot from what it has already seen in cyberspace.
  • By John T. Correll
    COIN rose and fell in Vietnam, then returned 40 years later as the main mission in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • By Richard Halloran
    Though a US treaty ally, Thailand has a long history of strategic expediency.
  • By John Lowery
    First generation American John Piotrowski began as an enlisted radio repairman and became Air Force vice chief of staff. He lived the American dream.
  • By Dik A. Daso
    The legendary airman drew inspiration from many places.
  • By Frances McKenney
    A compendium of facts and figures about the Air Force Association.
  • The Air Force Outstanding Airman program annually recognizes 12 enlisted members.
  • By Chequita Wood
    Air Force Magazine's annual pictorial directory of Air Force leadership.
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