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2,014 No. 2
February 2014

  • By Adam J. Hebert
    The nation needs to rein in personnel costs, but it must first keep its promises.
  • By John A. Tirpak
    The F-22 is the air dominance cream of the crop. USAF intends to keep it that way.
  • By Marc V. Schanz
    USAF’s rescue airmen helped fight off a deadly ambush and pull combatants from a mountain firefight in Afghanistan.
  • By Amy McCullough
    Meet the new normal. It will probably include tiered readiness, abandoned missions, grounded squadrons, and canceled classes.
  • By Peter Grier
    In November, three of the four surviving Doolittle Raiders raised their goblets, one last time, to honor their fallen comrades.
  • By Frank Oliveri
    The US can’t pay its troops enough for their service, but it also can’t afford continually rising compensation.
  • By John Lowery
    The B-24 crew broke all records for human endurance without water, food, or shelter—but died before escaping the Sahara.
  • By Megan Scully
    A B-2 bomber mission to the Korean Peninsula was highlighted by USAF’s burgeoning social media effort.
  • By June L. Kim
    Many fail to appreciate the threats lurking in the cyber realm.
  • By Benjamin S. Lambeth
    Airpower has eclipsed land power as the primary means of destroying enemy forces.
  • By Phillip S. Meilinger
    The mission began in World War I and has been employed with varying success but increasing importance.
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