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    NovemberThe 2016 Statement of Policy
    The Air Force Association 2016 Statement of Policy was adopted by the delegates to the AFA National Convention Sept. 13, 2015.
    OctoberBetter Stronger Faster
    To stay in front, USAF needs unprecedented agility in acquisition and from its systems.
    SeptemberThe Tanker Imperative
    Boeing and the Air Force must get the KC-46 right.
    AugustMajor Powers, Back on Top
    Russia eclipses the threat from ISIS.
    JulyThird Verse, Same as the First
    If the Obama Administration isn’t committed to victory, the US shouldn’t be fighting.
    JuneMore Mission, Less Air Force
    USAF cannot succeed in ever-expanding missions with fewer airmen, less equipment, older airplanes, and curtailed training.
    MayThe RPA Problem
    USAF has spent years chasing the ISR “requirements rabbit.” The force has reached the breaking point.
    AprilForgotten, But Not Gone
    It is time to prioritize the nuclear deterrent.
    MarchPay and Benefits and National Security
    Military compensation should be continuously assessed and adjusted.
    FebruaryTargeting the F-35
    It's the F-35's turn in the critics' crosshairs.
    JanuaryCarter's Coming Challenges
    The predictable difficulties will be tough enough.