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    January/February 2019
    Vol. 102, No. 01


  • Editorial: EDITORIAL: US Needs a Cyber Deterrence Plan

    Effective cyber deterrence requires the will and capacity to respond to cyber attacks with an equal or greater blow.

  • Red Air Rising

    Can contracting out the adversary air mission ease the pilot shortage and enhance combat training? An emerging industry says it can.

  • The Future of Pilot Training

    Low-cost simulators, new trainers, and Red Flag reforms aim to help USAF gear up for future great power conflicts.

  • Re-Engining the B-52

    The B-52 is supposed to serve through 2050. To last that long, it needs new power.

  • Saving a Blackbird

    Four Swedish pilots put themselves between a crippled USAF SR-71 and Soviet air-to-air missiles, potentially thwarting a lethal international incident.

  • Adaptable Munitions: Time for a Revolution

    The Mitchell Institute argues for a new generation of weapons that can instantly tailor their effects to any given need.

  • From Cybernetics to Cyberspace

    The roots of digital warfare date back to the birth of the US Air Force.

  • U-2 Down

    “We have parts of the plane,” Khrushchev said. “We also have the pilot.” The US could no longer deny the truth about a lost spy plane.

  • Namesakes: Tom McGuire

    He wrote the book.

  • Letters

  • Verbatim

  • Aperture

    Paying a high price for the Air Force we need.

  • Forward Deployed

    Adding INDO to PACOM: Strengthening ties in the Indo-Pacific.

  • World

    USAF accepts flawed tanker; Base in a Box; Mattis Farewell; and more ...

  • Faces in the News

  • AFA Elected National Leaders

  • Airman For Life

    Updates on AFA’s activities, outreach, awards, and advocacy.

  • His Story: 2nd Lt. Laurence Gulick Masters the B-24 Catwalk

  • ​​​​​​