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    March 2019
    Vol. 102, No. 03


  • Editorial: EDITORIAL: Delayed Gratification

    Does the argument for F-15X stand up to reality?

  • Q&A With the Secretary

    An exclusive interview with Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson.

  • Keeping the F-35 Ahead of the Bad Guys

    Operational testing is still underway, but the F-35 is already beginning its first major upgrade.

  • USAF’s AI Transformation Takes Off

    AI cracks the code on better maintenance and faster training. Better and faster decision-making is next.

  • For MQ-9 Crews, 2019 is Time to Reap Just Rewards

    Fully manned crews and a focus on training means the RPA force is expected to reach new milestones in the coming year.

  • Halt, Who Goes There?

    Today’s Common Access Card won’t disappear anytime soon—but the search for a better way to prove your digital identity is underway.

  • A Change in Vector

    The Mitchell Institute on building America’s future bomber force.

  • Peacekeeper by Fits and Starts

    The Air Force explored more than 30 deployment options for MX, including air launch, a shell game in the desert, Dense Pack, and rail garrison.

  • The Air Force Chief of Staff Reading List

    Here is a non-exhaustive list of the Chief of Staff of the US Air Force’s recommendations.

  • Namesakes: Raynal Bolling

    Present at the Creation

  • Letters

  • Aperture

    What to Expect from Shanahan; Nuclear Forces Bill Skyrockets; Pentagon Copes With Climate Change

  • Verbatim

  • World

    INF treaty out; Joe Jackson, MOH recipient; Afghanistan, China, and more ....

  • Faces of the Force

  • Airman For Life

    Updates on AFA’s activities, outreach, awards, and advocacy.

  • ​​​​​​