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    June 1998
    Vol. 81, No. 06

  • Editorial: Long Range Blind Spot

    There is no plan for long range airpower beyond upgrades and improvements for the existing bomber fleet.

  • To Provide for a Powerful Force

    At an Air Force Association symposium, USAF leaders consider the future and talk about requirements.

  • B-1s for Theater War

    The "Bone" has shifted from nuclear to conventional missions and would be heavily tasked in event of Major Regional Conflict.

  • Thunderbirds

    Rapid and frequent deployments, 20-hour days, 200 days of TDY a year—it sounds like almost any other squadron in the US Air Force.

  • Khobar Towers

    Nineteen airmen died in the blast--and the repercussions went on from there.

  • The Berlin Airlift

    Veterans of the greatest humanitarian airlift in history recall the experiencs. It began 50 years ago this month.

  • The New Way of Officer Assignments

    The Air Force is essentially returning to the “select and assign” procedure that prevailed until 1991.

  • Troubles With Tricare

    There is still a long way to go before it will be a smooth- running health care system.

  • The Young Tigers and Their Friends

    Sometimes the tanker crews bent the rules to ensure that strike aircraft, critically low on fuel, made it home.

  • Zuckert Remembers

    A former Secretary of the Air Force looks back 50 years to how the force began and grew.

  • Aerospace World

  • Chart Page: Bird Strike!

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