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    July 2017
    Vol. 100, No. 07

  • Editorial: Silent Leadership—At a Cost

    You may not have heard, but the Air Force is flying three-quarters of the missions against ISIS.

  • Rebuilding the Ranks

    USAF must act now to get an adequate number of airmen in uniform.

  • Combat Forces in Peril

    Hawk Carlisle, former ACC and PACAF commander, offers a frank look at USAF’s mistakes and opportunities.

  • The B-2 Body Blow

    Two bombers, 13 tankers, 85 bombs on target in the sands of Libya.

  • Imposing Costs on the Enemy

    Different adversaries value different things. The Air Force can target them all.

  • ISR Explosion

    New missions call for unmanned systems, but the old missions are as important as ever.

  • Eisenhower and the Eight Warlords

    The Defense Reorganization Act of 1958 took the services out of the loop and empowered the combatant commands.

  • Airpower at the Bay of Pigs

    It was a half-baked military operation run by the CIA and micromanaged by the White House.

  • DOD Photochart

  • Letters

  • Forward Deployed

    Air Force on ISIS; Africans solving African problems

  • Action in Congress

  • Aperture

    X-37B mystery mission; Into space and back again; DARPA looks for aircraft-like operations in space; Beefing up RPAs ....

  • Verbatim

  • Screenshot

  • Air Force World

  • Namesakes: Castle

    Whiz Kid and Combat Hero

  • Wingman: Vintage

    Restored from rust to beauty.

  • Wingman: Chapter News

  • ​​​​​​