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    August 2014
    Vol. 97, No. 08

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  • Editorial: The Birth of American Airpower

    US air forces lagged the Europeans in both numbers and capability.

  • Global Strike Evolution

    More changes are in the works at Air Force Global Strike Command—but this time, leaders say, airmen are taking charge.

  • Staying Stealthy

    USAF’s Long-Range Strike Bomber program is beginning to take shape, but most details will be kept under wraps.

  • Traveling the World and Blowing Things Up

    SSgt. Nicole Richardson, an EOD tech, proved her mettle supporting a Marine Corps battalion in a particularly nasty section of Afghanistan.

  • Whiteman Ghosts

    Airmen at the 509th Bomb Wing keep the nation’s stealth bomber fleet ready for action.

  • David C. Jones

    He served four years as Air Force Chief of Staff and another four as Joint Chiefs Chairman during a difficult and tumultuous period for the Air Force and Pentagon. Then, at retirement, he created an even larger legacy.

  • Saving the Legacy of the Lafayette Escadrille

    Just outside Paris, the memorial honoring the first American airmen to fight and die in World War I has fallen into disrepair.

  • Billy Mitchell’s Parachute Plan

    Airborne operations were vital in World War II, but Billy Mitchell had devised a credible plan in the late days of World War I.

  • Kittinger

    Before he served three tours in Vietnam, before he spent 11 months as a POW, Joseph Kittinger jumped from a balloon 19 miles above the Earth.

  • The Vietnam War That Wasn't

    The Joint Chiefs had a bold plan for airpower, but political leaders chose gradualism instead.

  • 2014-15 AFA Nominees

    Candidates for national offices and Board of Directors.

  • The Cloud Over Lindbergh

    The main damage to Lindbergh’s reputation was from what he said and wrote himself.

  • Aperture

    Fixing the nuclear enterprise; Recruiting missileers; Japan reaches out; “Collective defense”; Simulating superiority ....

  • Air Force World

  • Verbatim

  • Airpower Classics: P-3 Orion

  • Flashback: The First and the First

  • Keeper File: Khobar Towers, Before the Scapegoating

  • Perry's prepared statement full text: "Combating Terrorism in Saudi Arabia"

  • Chart Page: Too Many USAF Civilians?

  • Letters

  • Books

  • AFA National Report

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