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    August 2016
    Vol. 99, No. 08

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  • Editorial: Meet the People Behind the Bases

    Air Force Magazine bids a fond farewell to “Airpower Classics” and launches “Namesakes.”

  • The Third Offset

    It’s a mindset.

  • Making Space More Military

    Air Force Space Command needs resilient systems and a warrior mentality.

  • Pilot Shortage Back With a Vengeance

    It may take a decade for the Air Force to dig out of its latest pilot shortage.

  • Reconnaissance Never Sleeps

    USAF’s airborne recon capabilities evolve in the face of constantly changing threats.

  • The Promise and Peril of 3-D Printing

    Can high-tech additive manufacturing solve USAF's parts obsolesence problems?

  • Reapers and the RPA Resurgence

    The MQ-9 can perform strike, coordination and reconnaissance against high-value targets.

  • Inventing Nato

    The United States did not want to keep forces in Europe after World War II, much less join an Atlantic alliance.

  • Infographic

    Technology Readiness Levels, Explained

  • Action in Congress

  • Letters

  • Aperture

    Fifth gen vacuum cleaners; Two vs. two yawners; F-35s in Oz; ALIS in wonderland ....

  • Air Force World

  • Screenshot

  • Keeper File: Come the Revolution

  • Verbatim

  • Airpower Classics: F-22 Raptor

  • AFA National Leaders

  • AFA Nominees

  • Books

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