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    Vol. 100, No. 08

  • Editorial: The Bumpy road to Guard Modernization

    The Air Guard is positioning for the future—a long and tumultuous process.

  • A Closer Watch on Space

    USAF is moving to better track junk and adversary actions in space.

  • Atlantic Trident

    A trilateral training exercise emphasizes the human element of air warfare.

  • Clear of the Turbulence?

    Lt. Gen. Chris Bogdan, longest-serving F-35 director, reflects on the progress the stealth fighter has made and the challenges it must still overcome.

  • Misplaced Nukes

    The Air Force made major changes in organization, culture, and leadership after nuclear missiles were accidentally flown from North Dakota to Louisiana.

  • Survival on Takur Gar

    Keary Miller became the third airman, but the first survivor, to be awarded an Air Force Cross for heroism in 2002’s Operation Anaconda.

  • Engines of Innovation

    Real propulsion breakthroughs may be ready to leave the lab and enter the fleet.

  • When Andrew Hammered Homestead

    Twenty-five years ago this month, Hurricane Andrew leveled Homestead Air Force Base. (Pictorial: See the PDF version of this story for optimal value)

  • Vietnamization

    If the Vietnamese took over the war, the Americans could go home.

  • Letters

  • Aperture

  • Action in Congress

    Past is Prologue?

  • Forward Deployed

    Keeping On in Qatar

  • Screenshot

  • Air Force World

  • Verbatim

  • Keeper File

    Gates Says, “I Want YOU”

  • Books

  • Namesakes: Sheppard

  • Wingman: Pedal power here & there

  • Wingman: Ready. Willing. Able

  • Wingman: Chapter News

  • ​​​​​​