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    Vol. 100, No. 09

  • Editorial: Stronger Together

    A little US commitment goes a long way in Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Building Momentum in Afghanistan

    USAF advisors work with everyone from line pilots to the Afghan Defense Ministry in the long war against ISIS and the Taliban.

  • Space Launch Competition

    The Air Force is as close as it has ever been to a legitimately competitive launch services program.

  • 70 Years of Air Force

    Pictorial: See the PDF version of this story for optimal value.

  • Saving Old Fighters

    The F-15 and F-16 need service life extension programs. What’s needed, and how long should they keep flying?

  • Space & Cyber at Red Flag

    Red Flag still evokes images of aerial combat, but space and cyber capabilities are an increasingly important aspect of the training.

  • Christopher Baradat's Air Force Cross

    Combat Controller Christopher Baradat earned an Air Force Cross by ensuring 200 coalition troops survived an ambush in Afghanistan. He left shelter to coordinate air strikes from an exposed courtyard and a vehicle running board.

  • Last Tango in Potsdam

    When WWII ended in Europe, the Big Three no longer shared a common purpose.

  • Letters

  • Forward Deployed

    U-2: ALoft Every Day

  • Action in Congress

    Toward a Space Corps?

  • Screenshot

    Photo by SSgt. Trevor McBride

  • Air Force World

  • Verbatim

  • Infographic

    Compacting Snowy Phoenix

  • Namesakes: Minot

  • Wingman: AFA Nominees 2017-18

    Candidates for National Office and the Board of Directors

  • ​​​​​​