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    October 2016
    Vol. 99, No. 10

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  • Editorial: Ready for War in Space

    On-orbit capabilities set the US apart, but are increasingly threatened.

  • These Magnificent Spires

    A soaring inspiration, the Air Force Memorial celebrates its 10th anniversary this month.

  • NATO's New Reality

    An ominous Russian shadow spreads across Europe as ISIS and the Taliban also demand Alliance attention.

  • The Oxygen in the Fight

    Gen. David Goldfein, the new Chief of Staff, faces a daunting to-do list but says the Air Force is up to its challenges.

  • Masters of Nuclear Deterrence

    USAF’s new SANDS school aims to create experts in the art and science of deterrence.

  • Ebola Flight

    AMC proves it can move an infectious patient forward for advanced treatment.

  • Mischief in the South China Sea

    China is still claiming and militarizing the vital international waterway.

  • Air and Space and Aerospace

    The Air Force has been up and down several times in defi ning the vast medium in which it operates.

  • The Carswell B-36 Disaster

    An intense storm knocked most of SAC's Peacemaker bombers out of commission.

  • Namesakes: Carswell

  • Aperture

    Number confusion, price dizziness; What's included, anyway?; Compete the teams; Begging for a budget ....

  • Forward Deployed

    Humanitarian concerns loom; Retaking Mosul; Working the timeline; B-52 back in the fight ....

  • Action in Congress

    To Retire or Not Retire, Continued

  • Air Force World

  • Screenshot

  • Verbatim

  • Letters

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