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    ​This list is a collection of articles covering events and people from Operation Allied Force (Kosovo).


    How the Predator Grew Teeth
    By Walter J. Boyne
    The little UAV had an inauspicious start. Things have picked up considerably.

    The Balkan Air War
    By Adam J. Hebert
    The European war that began 10 years ago this month was fought—and won—with airpower alone.

    The Night They Saved Vega 31
    By Darrel Whitcomb
    The rescue of F-117 pilot Dale Zelko was a close-run thing.

    Task Force Hawk
    By Benjamin S. Lambeth
    One problem led to another, and the Apache helicopters never flew a combat mission in Kosovo.

    Wesley Clark's War
    By Rebecca Grant
    The campaign was in the air, but SACEUR's mind was on the ground.

    True Blue: Behind the Kosovo Numbers Game
    By Rebecca Grant
    If the question is whether aerospace power is effective against ground forces, the answer is "yes."

    Newsweek and the 14 Tanks
    By Stephen P. Aubin
    The "Cover-Up" story made news all over. The problem was that it wasn't so.

    Nine Myths About Kosovo
    By Rebecca Grant
    One year after Operation Allied Force, some strange notions have taken root.

    Silver Stars
    By Richard J. Newman
    Ten airmen were awarded the Silver Star for their heroic efforts in the Kosovo campaign.

    Kosovo Retrospective
    By John A. Tirpak
    USAF leaders and others tell more of the story behind the Allied Force campaign.

    BUFFs Over the Balkans
    USAF photography by SrA. Greg L. Davis and SSgt. Efrain Gonzalez
    In an echo of a bygone war, American heavy bombers of the 2nd Bomb Wing, Barksdale AFB, La., and the 5th BW, Minot AFB, N.D., deployed to a base in England and took the fight to an enemy deep in Europe.

    The Navy in the Balkans
    Vice Adm. Daniel J. Murphy Jr., the Sixth Fleet commander, says carrier air did more of the job than has been recognized.

    Airpower Made It Work
    By Rebecca Grant
    Airpower got the job done in the Balkans despite an initial strategy that was—among other things—very shortsighted.

    With Stealth in the Balkans
    By John A. Tirpak
    The performance of the B-2 exceeded the expectations of even its most ardent fan.

    Another Look at the Air War That Was
    By James A. Kitfield
    An Eaker Institute panel weighs the implications of Operation Allied Force.

    Washington Watch: Short's View of the Air Campaign
    By John A. Tirpak
    What counted most for NATO's success in the Balkans was the reduction of strategic targets, not "tank plinking" in Kosovo.

    Echoes From Allied Force
    Patterns begin to emerge from the operational data.

    Washington Watch: Lessons Learned and Re-Learned
    By John A. Tirpak
    The USAF Chief of Staff reflects on what Operation Allied Force in the Balkans demonstrated and on what it reaffirmed.

    On Target in the Balkans
    Compiled by Guy Aceto
    NATO's aircraft hit Yugoslavia often, hard—and with great precision.

    Hawley's Warning
    By Otto Kreisher
    Its problems compounded by the Balkan War, ACC faces a period of "significant retrenchment."

    Washington Watch: Victory in Kosovo
    By John A. Tirpak
    In late May, NATO shifted gears in Operation Allied Force. The air campaign soon saw the results of the stronger commitment.

    Editorial: Assumptions Fall in Kosovo
    By John T. Correll
    The US must look again at the adequacy of its force structure and sustainability.

    Washington Watch: The First Six Weeks
    By John A. Tirpak
    After a slow start, USAF-led NATO air forces were freed from some political shackles and showed some of what they could do.

    Airpower in Allied Force
    DOD and USAF photography
    In the Balkan War, USAF units cast a long shadow.