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    This is a collection of articles covering events and people from the World War I era.

    The Billy Mitchell Court-Martial
    By John T. Correll
    In the Army’s view, the issue was insubordination, not the validity of Mitchell’s claims.

    Lawrence of Airpower
    By Robert S. Dudney
    While one of the most famous people in the world, T. E. Lawrence enlisted under a pseudonym in the RAF. Twice.

    The Red Baron
    By Dik A. Daso
    More than 100 pilots surpassed Manfred von Richthofen’s kill total, but none earned his fame or notoriety.

    The Scourge of the Zeppelins
    By John T. Correll
    For almost two years, British airmen were unable to stop the German airships as they bombed England with impunity.

    The B-52 Gunners
    By Peter Grier
    Few know it now, but enlisted gunners protected B-52 bombers through the 1991 Gulf War.

    The Influence of Airpower on the Marne
    By Walter J. Boyne
    The German Army was on the march through France until aerial reconnaissance led the Allies to a critical victory.

    By Robert S. Dudney
    The legendary and controversial airpower theorist is debated to this day.

    Fiorello’s Foggiani
    By John T. Correll
    The indomitable La Guardia led American airmen on the Italian Front in World War I.

    Over There
    By John T. Correll
    When America declared war in 1917, it had no combat airplanes and not a single squadron trained for war—but it did have Billy Mitchell.

    The Legend of Frank Luke
    By John T. Correll
    His spectacular combat run lasted just 18 days before he flew into myth and mystery on his last mission.

    Billy Mitchell and the Battleships
    By John T. Correll
    Twenty-two minutes after the first bomb fell, Ostfriesland rolled over and sank to the bottom.

    Bullets Between the Blades
    By Dik A. Daso
    The fixed, forward-firing aerial machine gun marked the start of true air-to-air combat.

    Mason Patrick's Inside Game
    By Herman S. Wolk
    In World War I and after, this lifelong Army engineer kept the Air Service moving forward.

    The Billy Mitchell Syndrome
    By Rebecca Grant
    Airpower advocates always have, and always will, face certain occupational hazards.

    Trenchard at the Creation
    By Rebecca Grant
    The father of the RAF was one of the first to grasp that aviation would radically change warfare.

    The Real Billy Mitchell
    By Rebecca Grant
    He was more complicated than perceived by either his admirers or his detractors.

    The Lafayette Escadrille
    Text by Tamar A. Mehuron
    Robert Soubiran was attracted to aviation, adventure, and the camera.

    By Walter J. Boyne
    In 1917, Eddie Rickenbacker already was a rich and famous man. Then, he volunteered at sergeant's pay and became this nation's "Ace of Aces."

    The St. Mihiel Salient
    By Walter J. Boyne
    Billy Mitchell assembled the largest air fleet ever committed to battle and established the Air Service as a true combat arm.

    The Spirit of Billy Mitchell
    By Walter J. Boyne
    He launched his crusade for airpower almost eighty years ago. His ideas live on in the armed forces of today.

    The Battle Log of Birdman Silver
    By C. V. Glines
    Nobody in his unit ever called him "Stumpy." He flew through enemy fire with rare skill. When a chance round finally got him, he still made it home, mission accomplished.

    The First Victory
    By Theodore Hamady
    Seventy years ago this month, Lts. Alan Winslow and Douglas Campbell claimed the first official US victories in aerial combat.

    Last Flight for Frank Lahm
    William Leavitt
    The earnest young cavalryman, who saw the potential of the Wright brothers' flying contraption, was himself taught to fly by the Wrights, and helped build the Air Force's "West Point of the Air," is dead at eighty-five.

    When Sausages Blazed in the Sky
    By Samuel Taylor Moore
    Call them sausages, drachen, or observation balloons—they played an important though now all-but-forgotten part in World War I. Here a veteran balloon company commander looks back at one of yesterday's proud air arms.

    Rickenbacker—America’s Ace of Aces
    By Arch Whitehouse

    Mitchell and the Great Offensive
    By Isaac Don Levine

    The Case for Billy Mitchell
    By Edmund F. Hogan