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Depots and OCO funding

March 10, 2011—
Air Force depot maintenance activity, like the Navy's, will remain relatively unscathed in comparison to the Army and Marine Corps as operations in Iraq and Afghanistan come to a close and overseas contingency operations funds dry up. Depot maintenance reported by the services "was funded at levels ranging from 67 percent to 90 percent of stated requirements" in the Pentagon's baseline budget in the three years prior to 9/11, according to a new report prepared for Congress under the provisions of the Fiscal 2009 defense authorization act. Since then, the Army and Marine Corps have relied on a significant influx of supplemental war funding to cover their increasing maintenance costs—as the charts above indicate—essentially eroding depot funding in the baseline budget to below pre-war levels, states the report.

Source: "Future Capability of DOD Maintenance Depots," prepared by LMI Government Consulting and released by the House Armed Services Committee, February 2011. (Document)