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  • AFRL Announces 14 “Listening Sessions,” Next Step in its Science and Technology Review

  • Air Commando Awarded Silver Star

    The Air Force on Friday awarded SSgt. Christopher Lewis, a combat controller assigned to the 23rd Special Tactics Squadron at Hurlburt Field, Fla., the Silver Star for his actions during a 10-hour firefight near Mosul, Iraq, in 2016.

  • Defense Department Issues Memo Preparing for Possible Government Shutdown

    ​The Pentagon has issued two memoranda on how it will continue essential operations in case the government shuts down if Congress fails to pass a continuing resolution to fund the government past midnight Friday.

  • Pentagon Strategy Emphasizes Potential Conflict with Russia, China Over Terror Threat

    ​The Defense Department can longer afford to focus solely on the international fight against terrorism and must begin shifting its focus to the “great power competition” with China and Russia, according to the National Defense Strategy, which was unveiled by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Friday.

  • Trump: Budget Impasse Will Hurt Military Most

    President Trump on Thursday pointed to the dangers to the US military if Congress fails to reach a budget agreement or pass another continuing resolution to keep the federal government funding past Friday.

  • USAF Acquisition Nominee Plans Review of F-35A, B-21 Sustainment and Force Structure

    The White House’s pick to take over Air Force acquisition plans to take a deep dive into two of the service’s biggest purchases, the F-35 strike fighter and B-21 bomber, to see if the established plans are enough, and if the current sustainment plan actually is sustainable.

  • Air Force “Zero-Based Review” Underway

    ​Air Force leaders began a “zero-based review” of the service’s programs and activities this week, taking a hard look to see if anything USAF is doing is propelled not by need but inertia, service Undersecretary Matthew Donovan said Thursday.

  • Nellis Adversary Air Industry Day Includes “Lively” Discussion on Requirements

    The solicitation for the second phase of contracted adversary air at Nellis AFB, Nev., will be released sometime next month, but industry officials are hoping the service will re-evaluate the listed criteria so it is more in line with the requirements being discussed for the larger Combat Air Force Adversary Air contract, which is expected to be awarded in 2019 or 2020.

  • Afghanistan Strikes Increase Significantly in 2017

    US aircraft finished 2017 flying combat missions in Afghanistan at the fastest rate in years—dropping more bombs last year than any other year since 2011 as the war on ISIS in Iraq and Syria hit its lowest total since it began.

  • Wilson Touts Five-Year “Speed Wins” Plan

    Keenly aware that its procurement process takes too long to keep up with potential adversaries, the Air Force is looking to drastically shorten timelines for fielding new weapons, from 20 years to under five, and is looking to use the Rapid Capabilities Office as a template for its whole acquisition system.

  • Thornberry Urges Congress to Approve Defense Budget

    ​House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) Tuesday criticized members of Congress “on both sides of the aisle” who acknowledge the need for more defense spending, but tie it to such other issues as continuing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigration program.

  • $1.5 Billion-Plus Hit on USAF from Yearlong CR, Contract Delays Baked In

    If Congress opts to kick the budget can all the way to next year and compel the services to operate on a yearlong continuing resolution, the damage to the AIr Force would be worse than $1.5 billion, and it would strike directly at readiness, Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Steven Wilson said.

  • Air Force Examines How Virtual Reality Can Help Train Airmen

    ​The Air Force recently conducted a study to determine whether the virtual reality environment would help adults learn at or above current rates and how the brain works and reacts in conjunction with other parts of the body during the learning process.

  • Air Force Opens Innovation Hub in Las Vegas

    ​The Air Force opened its new innovation hub and startup center in Las Vegas Thursday with the goal to incubate a new approach to solving national security problems.

  • USAF Drops $2.4 Million in Scholarships To Get Cadets Private Pilot Licenses

    The Air Force is paying $2.4 million to teach 120 of its Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps cadets (AFJROTC) how to fly.

  • US Must Take Steps to Counter China’s Rise

    The United States must develop strategies to address China’s military and technological rise, witnesses told a House Armed Services subcommittee this week.

  • Moody’s Flying Tigers Wrap-Up Intense Deployment Fighting ISIS

    ​More than 300 airmen and A-10s from the 74th Fighter Squadron are returning to Moody AFB, Ga, after a deployment that saw the Warthogs provide close air support for US-backed fighters in an intense urban fight against ISIS.

  • Understanding Multi-Domain Command and Control

    ​​The Air Force is reaching out to industry as it tries to master “the complexity of multi-domain command and control”—one of Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein’s three focus areas.

  • DOD Report Commends US Air Advisers in Afghanistan, Calls for Better Assessments

    ​The Air Force’s mission to train the Afghan Air Force have taken major steps, but the US training mission does not have a plan to define its mission, a Pentagon investigation finds.

  • USAF Specifies Requirements for Contracted Red Air at Nellis

    ​The Air Force is moving forward with plans to contract out up to 5,600 flying hours of realistic advanced adversary air threats at Nellis AFB, Nev.

  • Lakenheath F-15s Wrap Up Baltic Air Policing Deployment, Show Off Intercepts

    ​F-15Cs and airmen from RAF Lakenheath, England, wrapped up their four-month-long stint flying air policing missions in Eastern Europe after conducting about 30 intercepts of Russia aircraft in the region.

  • Russia Using Syria as “Testing Ground” for Aircraft, Munitions

    ​Russia and China are watching and learning from the US, which has been in continuous combat operations for nearly three decades, a top Air Force intelligence official told a Washington meeting Thursday.

  • USAF to Release ISR Flight Plan this Spring

    The Air Force expects to roll out an “ISR Flight Plan” in “early spring” that will focus on what the next generation intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance should look like, said Lt. Gen. VeraLinn Jamieson at an AFA Mitchell Institute forum in Washington, D.C., on Thursday.

  • US At Risk of Losing Air Superiority

    ​The Air Force maintains air superiority today, but will it in the future?

  • USAF Throws Out EPR Requirements for A1Cs and Below

    The Air Force will no longer require evaluation performance reviews for airmen first class and below.

  • Air Force Research Laboratory, Textron Demonstrate Plug and Play ISR

    The Air Force and Textron Aviation in December looked to prove the future of plug-and-play surveillance and open systems architecture by installing a newly developed pod on an aircraft that is not currently in the service’s fleet.

  • Tactical Airlift Requirement Increasing in Afghanistan

    Tactical airlift crews in Afghanistan have seen a spike in operations as more troops flow in to that country, including increases in airdrops as well as providing fuel to austere locations.

  • Mattis: No Plans to Reschedule Exercises in South Korea as Olympics Approach

    The US and South Korean governments still plan to go ahead with large-scale exercises as the Winter Olympics approach, despite threats from the North, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said in a year-end meeting with reporters.