Forging a Cyber Command:

The Air Force is bringing service leaders together next month to start planning for its new cyber command—the genesis for which Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne and Chief of Staff Gen. Michael Moseley articulated last year within the service’s new mission statement. At a so-called Cyber Summit on Nov. 16, these senior leaders are expected to develop a “course, a vector, that will set us up for transforming our Air Force,” says Lani Kass, director of the Air Force Cyberspace Task Force. “What I see in the future is a true cross-domain integration, to deliver effects, like we deliver in air and space … kinetically and nonkinetically,” explains Kass, adding that “one of them most important things we do, in and for cyberspace, is enable the kill chain.” She calls the new cyberspace domain the “center of gravity” for the US.