No New Year’s Break for SWA Air Action:

US Central Command Air Forces officials report that coalition airpower flew almost 1,200 combat and support sorties for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan from Dec. 29, 2005-Jan. 1, 2006. In combat action in Iraq over the last three days of 2005 and first day of the new year, USAF F-16s and US Navy F/A-18s provided close air support for coalition forces near Al Hawjah, Al Iskandariyah, Al Miqdadiyah, Ar Ramadi, Baghdad, Balad, and Bayji. The F-16s fired six precision-guided munitions, striking an enemy bunker and mortar firing locations and an enemy vehicle. On Jan. 1, USAF F-15s flew a pre-planned air strike near Ar Rutbah, hitting an enemy weapons cache with four PGMs. In Afghanistan over the four-day period, USAF A-10 and B-52 aircraft flew CAS for coalition troops under fire from enemy forces near Gereshk.