An ISR Command?:

Ten years down the road, there may be an “ISR Command,” alongside Air Combat Command and Air Mobility Command, says Lt. Gen. David Deptula, intelligence-surveillance-reconnaissance boss on the Air Staff. He said Thursday that creating a major command for ISR is “one path” among many for the logical development of efforts to rationalize and advocate for ISR systems. “Organizationally, it kind of makes sense,” said Deptula, adding, “ISR is, quite frankly, a growing area,” and one which may warrant its own major command. Another option might be a dual-purpose “ISR/Cyber Command,” or perhaps creating new numbered air forces to focus on these areas. However, he cautions that establishing a Majcom creates huge overhead costs that can’t be ignored “in an environment where we’re reducing personnel.” He said he has been vocal within the Air Force, urging caution about rushing to create a Cyber Command. “Anybody that mentions a new Majcom … there’s got to be a lot of justification behind it,” he said.