A New Super Hercules Multi-year?:

The Air Force is laying the seeds for another large buy of C-130Js, according to its newly released Fiscal 2009 budget proposal. While the new spending plan earmarks $69 million for advanced procurement of parts for additional C-130Js starting in Fiscal 2010, and then earmarks funds to buy eight aircraft per year from Fiscal 2010 to 2013, USAF currently has no contract with Lockheed Martin for the aircraft. In fact, its current multi-year buy of C-130Js will end this fiscal year with the acquisition of nine aircraft that will be delivered in 2010. Lockheed Martin spokesman Peter Simmons said the company recently provided DOD an unsolicited offer to supply 24 C-130Js per year for five years, with deliveries beginning in 2011 and ending in 2015. The aircraft could include both Air Force and Marine Corps variants of the Super Hercules, he said. A senior service official said last week that the additional buys that the Air Force seeks are “not necessarily a new multiyear, but we will be going out looking to increase essentially eight per year.” (For more on the C-130Js read A Herculean Opportunity)