Time to let the C-5A Go?:

When it comes right down to it, the Air Force Chief of Staff, Gen. Michael Moseley, says he believes “the C-17 is a much more valuable asset than the C-5A.” Note that he specifically said the “A” model; that’s the older C-5s that the Air Force would like to retire if they can get relief from the Congressional hold that prohibits retirement, pending results of tests with the C-5 avionics modernization and reliability enhancement and re-engining programs. Moseley told lawmakers that the C-5A technology is too old and that he would like to dump some to buy more C-17s. He explained that the completion of the AMP and RERP testing will “play out over a number of years,” but a decision has to be made about whether to purchase more than 180 C-17s “within the next few months.”