Air Corps Lags in Afghanistan

US Air Force efforts to help Afghan officials create an air force are hampered by equipment that is old and few in number, scarce spare parts, and a delayed international assistance effort, reports Jason Straziuso of Associated Press. The Afghan ground force has outstripped the air force, so much so that the Air Corps “can’t answer all their requests,” says Maj. Gen. Dawran Massomi, the head of the Afghan Air Corps. He added that it takes time and money to train an air force. USAF Brig. Gen. Jay Lindell, who is leading the coalition assistance to the Air Corps, says he’s “not happy” with the situation, in particular the lack of equipment and spotty supply system. He said, “We’re going to work to improve that to try to maintain what they do have as long as we can until they can get the new, more modernized equipment.” He maintains the international support has lagged for years despite USAF complaints. The result is that US and coalition air elements will have to support Afghanistan for a much longer time.