The Full Raptor at Red Flag

Members of the 1st Fighter Wing at Langley AFB, Va., took their F-22 Raptors out to Red Flag for the first time from Feb. 3-16, getting the chance to duke it out in the skies of Nellis AFB, Nev., with Air Force and coalition partners. Speaking with reporters at the Pentagon via conference call Tuesday, Col. Tom Bergeson, 1st Operations Group commander, said the wing’s 14 Raptors participated in a wide range of simulated threats and “wars.” First, the F-22s performed admirably during a large force employment exercise involving more than 100 aircraft, anti-aircraft artillery, and ground threats such as surface to air missiles. Next, Raptors participated in a dynamic targeting exercise, in which a high value target identified by the air and space operations center is dealt with using “appropriate effects.” Bergeson said the highly responsive and networked exercise enables operators to greatly compress the kill chain. He added that a final scenario featured coordination with joint terminal attack controllers working with Army units to test close air support skills.