No Russian to Judgment:

Despite Russia’s recent resumption of long-range bomber operations and an aggressive ICBM modernization program, there’s no need to rethink the size or posture of US nuclear forces just now, according to US Strategic Command chief Air Force Gen. Kevin Chilton. Speaking with reporters Friday in Los Angeles, Chilton said he’s not seen anything in Russia’s reinvigorating military that would cause a change in the number of nuclear systems fielded by the US. “I’m comfortable with where we are right now,” Chilton said. Also, even though the US has been downsizing its nuclear cruise missile fleet, he sees no imminent retirement for the B-52, which is the only bomber certified to carry them. Moreover, he sees no problem with Air Combat Command using the B-52 as a standoff jammer, provided ACC continues to make a certain number of the venerable bombers available for the nuclear mission.