USAF Supports Bangladesh Aid

Airmen of the 36th Contingency Response Group at Anderson AFB, Guam, deployed as part of US Pacific Command’s aid to Bangladesh following the devastation and deaths caused by tropical cyclone on Nov. 15. The airmen arrived in Thailand on Nov. 17 and now have established command and control and airfield operations at Dhaka in Bangladesh. A C-130 from the 374th Airlift Wing at Yokota AB, Japan, has been ferrying supplies within the country, and US Marine Corps helicopters distribute them to isolated areas. Yokota is sending another C-130 and maintenance crews to sustain the relief operation in country. Two C-17s from the 15th Airlift Wing at Hickam AFB, Hawaii, have transported personnel, equipment, and supplies from Hawaii and Guam to Thailand and Bangladesh. (From a 13th Air Force release.)