The Civilian Number is 2,000

The Air Force plans to trim 2,000 civilian workers from its rolls during Fiscal 2007 as part of its overall force reduction of 40,000 military and civilian members over the next five years. The service already announced that it would cut 8,000 officers in 2007. The Air Force, which has or will levy a portion of the 2,000 to major commands and other units, already is feeling heat from some sections. A previous announcement about cuts specific to Air Force Materiel Command units roiled some civilians at Warner Robins Air Logistics Center in Georgia. Perhaps taking heed, Air Education and Training Command leaders have been more cautious in issuing bare numbers. Gen. William Looney, AETC head, says in a news release that he is “very concerned” about cuts to the command’s civilian workforce. He goes on, “We are going to work with every individual and hope to find viable options and opportunities to make this work for us and our Air Force.” The numbers of civilians to be cut in each AETC wing are in the mail.