A Milestone for TFI

The Air Force has reached a milestone with Total Force Integration, Brig Gen. Allison Hickey, TFI director, tells the Daily Report. The service has developed 138 “mission sets” that are split between the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve. Almost half of those are some form of associate unit derivation. The TFI plan calls for 36 classic associate units, in which either an Air Guard or a Reserve unit pairs with an active unit, sharing operation and maintenance of the active weapon system. Hickey said, “Those 36 are likely in existing Air Force locations” and represent new and permanent mission sets for the reserve components. There are to be three Air Reserve Component Associate units linking Guard units with Reserve units, with one of the components acting as lead. And, either the Air Guard or Reserve will operate as lead for 20 Active Associate units. Hickey noted that this 138-initiative milestone “significantly increases the Air National Guard’s footprint in associate units.” A preliminary announcement late last month noted that the other half of the 138 mission sets comprise “new, emerging, or stand-alone missions.”