Cheney Awards Rescuers in Guam:

Vice President Dick Cheney, on a stopover at Andersen AFB, Guam, addressed US military personnel, reminding them that the island of Guam “may be small, but it has tremendous importance to the peace and security of the world.” He went on to comment on Guam’s growing “strategic importance.” Cheney also took time to present the Airman’s Medal to Lt. Col. Christopher Greiman, commander of Andersen’s 36th Comptroller Squadron, and the DOD exceptional service award to Tracy McVay, wife of a deployed airman, for rescuing two airmen caught in severe rip tides. Cheney also thanked Americans from Guam for serving in the Armed Services, saying “we’re fortunate every day to have you on duty.” He added, “We’re asking Congress for significant increases in funding to enhance the quality of life on our bases.”