Immature Technologies Cause Concern, Again:

The Government Accountability Office last week issued a summary of earlier findings—this time providing a copy of Congressional briefing slides—that assessed whether DOD had made any progress in adopting acquisition “best practices” for the Transformational Satellite Communication System and Space Radar programs. The GAO concluded, even after a June 2007 DOD update, that, for technology maturation, in particular, “challenges remain.” GAO does not believe the technology readiness levels achieved by each program are sufficient and that DOD will “need to gain significant knowledge on these technologies … to be well positioned for success by program start.” GAO believes that USAF’s new block approach for the two programs show “significant shifts in thinking” and represent “good steps.” However, GAO believes “funding pressures” might still rule the day, so recommends the Air Force “identify potential gaps between requirements and resources before approving the start of product development.” DOD concurred.