A New Tool for Explosives Hunt:

The 820th Security Forces Group at Moody AFB, Ga., is fielding a $1.2 million Z backscatter van (ZBV) to help in the hunt for radiological or low-density organic materials like explosives or drugs that may be hidden inside metal structures. TSgt. Parker Gyokeres reports that the group has two lead-lined ZBVs. It has configured one for stateside use, with identifying strobe lights, and the other without beacons to make it more covert for deployed locations. The operators drive the ZBV past a target vehicle at continuous speed, while the ZBV creates imagery using a rotating pencil-shaped beam of low-level X-ray radiation and a large array of backscatter detectors. Detonation cord or other explosive material inside a wheel well or door panel shows up as an anomaly on the scanner.