An “Interim” Upgrade:

Many of the 102 A-10s assigned to Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve units are getting an interim upgrade—the Smart Multi-Function Color Display—before they get the full precision engagement makeover, Col. James Ratti, A-10 system program manager at the Ogden Air Logistics Center, told reporters last week. The Smart MFCD incorporates a processor that communicates with the weapons stations programs, improving the interface with the targeting pod. It also connects to the Situational Awareness Data Link, which brings a significant increase in capability, Ratti said. Overall the Smart MFCD “brings a subset of precision engagement capabilities, but it’s not by any means the full measure of capability,” he said. The Smart MFCD-modified A-10s—dubbed the A-10A+—will have the interim upgrade removed—a simple matter, says Ratti—before they undergo the PE modification and become A-10Cs.