C-27Js Not Just For the Guard

The Air Force’s new beddown roadmap (see above) identifies seven operating locations for the C-27J Joint Cargo Aircraft—all of which would be in the National Guard—but senior leaders say there will be more. The C-27J is seen as an “ideal” aircraft for the Guard, particularly in supporting domestic military response to natural or man-made disasters, a mission described in Air Force-speak as “consequence management.” However, the bases listed represent only those places where the Air Force might base its initial 40 or so C-27Js. After a tactical airlift study now being finished makes the rounds, USAF is expected to expand the number of C-27Js it will buy, and many are likely to go into the active inventory. Moreover, Air Force Special Operations Command is readying a requirement to use the Spartan as the basis for a mini-gunship.