Learning from the British:

TSgt. Josh Trundle, the assistant NCO in charge of firefighting training and safety at RAF Mildenhall, Britain, on Feb. 12 became the first airman to participate in the Royal Air Force Airmen’s Command Squadron at RAF Halton, Britain. The RAF institution is the equivalent of USAF NCO academies. The two air forces brokered this exchange to help foster mutual understanding. Trundle will join RAF airmen in training on topics ranging from counseling and managing, to mission command and the future of airpower during the three-work course. The course also emphasizes physical fitness, with all trainees undergoing a 20-mile, two-day march. Trundle said he is honored to be the first airman selected for the course. “My goal is to do my business, maybe come out with a few new friends, and gain a better understanding of the RAF views on NCO leadership,” he said. The RAF intends to send one of its NCOs to the USAF NCO Academy at Kapaun AB, Germany. (USAF report by TSgt. Eric Petosky)