Not Just a “Bumper Sticker” Reserve

Speaking at AFA’s Air & Space Conference Monday afternoon, Air Force Reserve Command boss Lt. Gen. John Bradley said he believes his command is making huge strides forward with the Total Force concept. “The ‘unrivaled wingman’ is not just a bumper sticker slogan,” Bradley said, noting that more than 60 percent of his Reservists have been mobilized (deployed or activated here at home) for the Global War on Terror. Many of these Reservists have volunteered—time and time again, he added, noting that one of his fighter squadrons has deployed four times in six years. “I actually can’t order people to do something for more than two weeks,” Bradley quipped. However, for air and space expeditionary force rotations, two weeks is just not enough—so AFRC relies on volunteers for 40- and even 120-day tours. “Forty days is just right for what we are doing,” he added. “It’s hard to get people to go 120 days, but when we can get people to do that we’ll use them.”