2013 Sijan Award Winners Announced

Maj. Randall Harvey, a special tactics officer assigned to the 320th Special Tactics Squadron at Kadena AB, Japan, and MSgt. Delorean Sheridan, a combat controller assigned to the 21st Special Tactics Squadron at Pope Field, N.C., have been selected for the 2013 Lance P. Sijan Leadership Award. The Sijan Award recognizes airmen who embody the highest forms of leadership at the wing level and below. Harvey was awarded two Bronze Star Medals in 2013, including one with the Valor Device, for his leadership in combat during a 500-person assault in Afghanistan during which he exposed himself to enemy fire to cover friendly forces. He controlled 14 different airstrikes, killed 39 enemies, and wounded 15. Sheridan was recognized for his contribution during a 2013 deployment to Afghanistan, during which he engaged in 18 firefights, leveraged 141 close air support and reconnaissance aircraft, killed 46 enemies, and helped break the “Taliban grip,” earning him his second Bronze Star Medal. The award was named after an Air Force captain and fighter pilot who died as a POW in the Vietnam War. (AFSOC release.) (See also our coverage of last year’s winners.)