Editorial: Power Plays and Competition

To deter and, when necessary, fight and win peer conflicts, America must invest in those capabilities that deliver the greatest effect for the lowest cost. Against China and Russia, that means investing in our Air and Space Forces.

Editorial: Speed Kills

All-domain command and control cannot be reduced to high-function parallel play. The combined threat of attack from every direction will be necessary in future conflicts to ensure adversaries, and not the US and its allies, are the ones rocked back on their heels. This is ...

Editorial: Playing the Numbers

The Air Force is betting near-term capacity to develop a multidomain command and control network. But should just one service foot the bill for a joint requirement

Editorial: Developing Better Airmen

The Air Force has developed a better way to select officers for promotion, providing more control for Air Force planners and more flexibility for individuals. It’s Step 1 in building better airmen.

Editorial: Game Changers

The surface-to-air missile that destroyed a US Navy drone in June blew a hole in the notion that US aircraft designed to operate in permissive airspace—airspace absent advanced SAM threats—can operate with impunity anyplace and anytime.