A Combined History

The Air Force consolidated Air Mobility Command with the inactivated Military Airlift Command, effective Oct. 1, to link the commands’ histories, the service announced Friday. The combined genealogical line makes AMC, which was established in 1992, the service’s oldest major command, according to an AMC release. “As we inherit the rich history of MAC, we will continue to build upon their legacy through our dedication to rapid global mobility,” said AMC Commander Gen. Carlton D. Everhart, according to the release. The Air Force Historical Research Agency proposed the consolidation to eliminate confusion about the relationship between MAC and AMC and to validate the use of MAC emblems. “AMC now shares in the honors and campaign streamers earned by MAC,” said Ellery Wallwork, AMC’s command historian, according to the release. “All of this does not lessen the creation of AMC in 1992 which still highlights the mission merger of MAC’s airlift and aeromedical evacuation with SAC’s air refueling force creating the strong mobility team that has been so successful in meeting today’s global peacetime, contingency and humanitarian missions.”