Administration is Back

The Air Force is bringing back the 3A Administration Air Force Specialty Code in May, according to a Feb. 28 release. The change, which will eliminate a special duty echelon, will allow other airmen to focus on their primary duty while 3A personnel tackle administration, human resources, executive support, commander programs, and postal services, according to the release. “This change is significant because it affects nearly every Air Force organization, as well as support we provide outside the Air Force,” said CMSgt. Robert Jackson, knowledge operations management career field manager. “Unlike other specialties, the administrative career field is positioned in every type of unit,” he added. Some 80 percent of airmen currently assigned to the knowledge operations management specialty code, 3D0X1, will transition to the new AFSC, states the release. “For the first time in many years, the duties performed by this specialty will align with expectations, policy, training, and promotion testing,” Jackson said. “In other words, what’s on paper will match reality and everyone will have a clear understanding of their role [in] this career field.”