Administrative Action Taken Against Airmen in Coffin Photo

A group of airmen received administrative action for a graduation photo from last August deemed inappropriate, announced service training overseers at Lackland AFB, Tex., a part of Joint Base San Antonio. Their “conduct brought discredit to both the military and themselves,” they stated in a release. The photo, dated Aug. 23, 2011, depicts airmen graduating from the 345th Training Squadron’s air transportation course gathered around an open coffin with another airman inside the coffin acting dead. While an investigation “revealed no criminal conduct occurred,” it determined that corrective action was appropriate, according to the release. “The photo was in poor judgment and it did not reflect the high standards and professionalism of the United States Air Force,” said Col. Eric Axelbank, commander of Lackland’s 37th Training Wing. The investigation found that the airmen intended the photo to be a reminder that they could be killed if they failed to pay attention while loading and unloading aircraft.