AEHF-3 Arrives at Cape Canaveral for Launch

The Air Force and prime contractor Lockheed Martin delivered the third Advanced Extremely High Frequency communications satellite to Cape Canaveral AFS, Fla., in preparation for its scheduled launch into space this fall, announced service space acquisition officials on Thursday. AEHF-3 completed its California-to-Florida journey on July 10 aboard a C-5 transport, states the July 11 release. A United Launch Alliance Atlas V launch vehicle is slated to place the satellite in orbit. Over the next several months, AEHF-3 will undergo final launch preparations, including encapsulation in the Atlas V’s payload fairing and transport to Cape Canaveral’s Launch Complex 41, states the release. AEHF satellites are designed to provide survivable, global, secure, protected, and jam-resistant communications for US and allied military forces. These spacecraft will complement and eventually replace the current on-orbit Milstar satellites. The first two AEHF satellites are on orbit, and Lockheed Martin is under contract to supply the first six spacecraft in the series.