Aeros Still Holding Breath on Damaged Airship

Airship maker Aeros is still in a holding pattern, waiting to know for sure whether its prototype Aeroscraft vehicle is repairable after a hangar collapsed on it earlier this month. “The Aeroscraft has sustained substantial damage to the tail end of the aircraft; however we won’t be able to send in our team for further evaluation until the hangar area is deemed safe for entry,” said John Kiehle, spokesman for the company, which is based in Montebello, Calif., east of Los Angeles. The hangar is still off-limits and it will likely take “at least several months” before Aeros will have access, Kiehle told the Daily Report on Oct. 28. On Oct. 7, the roof of the World War II-era hangar in Tustin, Calif., housing the Aeroscraft partially collapsed, damaging the 230-foot-long air vehicle. “Aeros feels very fortunate no one was injured and that this incident happened after we initiated out-of-hangar flight testing under the FAA-issued experimental certificate, following nearly a year of systems testing,” said Kiehle. Aeros is developing Aeroscraft under Pentagon sponsorship. It is designed to haul massive amounts of cargo.