AETC Stand Down Focuses on Mitigating Sexual Misconduct

Air Education and Training Command implemented a “command-wide” stand down day during the month of June to focus on mitigating “an ongoing trend of sexual misconduct” across the Defense Department, states a base release. In May, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered a “purposeful and direct engagement by commanders” to ensure all personnel foster an environment that does not tolerate any “sexist behaviors, sexual harassment, and sexual assault,” according to the June 25 release. “AETC’s stand-down day will be used to ensure … that each of us takes ownership of the problem and takes steps to be proactive and address it in whatever capacity we can,” said Christine Burnett, an AETC sexual assault and response coordinator. “All airmen, from senior leaders down to lowest level, will know this is everyone’s problem to solve.” All bases and services have until July 1 to hold their stand-down. Each base has the autonomy to choose when and how to complete the directive. “If we achieve the desired results, workplaces and work behaviors that are bound by respect and dignity for all, [it will] only make AETC and our Air Force better and stronger,” she said. (AFPS report on Hagel initiative)