AFA Launches eMembership

The Air Force Association is introducing its new membership option, the eMember. An eMembership will be identical to the current membership in every way except one: eMembers will not receive the print copy of Air Force Magazine, but rather only the online version. eMembers will have access to all other current member benefits, including eligibility to hold office and vote. For now, eMemberships will cost $30.00 for a year. In addition to the eMembership, AFA is moving over the next few months toward implementing a members-only area that will restrict access to online content. Both current members and new eMembers will have full access to all of the online content. The launch of the eMembership speaks to AFA’s efforts to meet the digital demands of today’s society. This change also supports AFA’s activities to grow a robust and engaged membership to further the Association’s mission. AFA will make announcements as it advances toward the full implementation of the eMember category and member-only content. For more information or to become an eMember, visit