Afghan Airmen Lead First Kabul Patrol

In another sign of the maturation of Afghan airmen under the tutelage of US air advisors, some 20 Afghan security forces airmen led their first quick reaction force patrol outside the gates of Kabul International Airport, announced Air Forces Central officials. Seven members of USAF’s 439th Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron accompanied the Afghan airmen to offer advice and guidance during the May 21 mission, said the AFCENT officials. “The main goal is to get the Afghans to a point where they can defend the base and assets on their own,” said Capt. Dan Minnocci, 439th AEAS security forces operational advisor, in AFCENT’s May 25 release. The mission consisted of a mounted and dismounted patrol. It went well, said MSgt. Chris Wright, 439th AEAS security forces advisor. “They used what they were taught and applied it,” he added. “They definitely met the expectations.” (Kabul report by SrA. Alexandria Mosness)