Afghan C-27s Set Mark

The Afghan air force’s C-27 transport fleet flew more than 304.6 hours in March, shattering the previous monthly high of 190.5 hours set last December. “The time spent flying is really helping; it is a very positive building experience that will push the AAF forward,” said Afghan C-27 pilot Lt. Col. Abdul Karim Wardack. The Afghans are building a fleet of 20 C-27s with the help of the US Air Force and NATO air advisors. Currently they have 10 C-27s in place. The C-27 force will be the centerpiece of the AAF’s transport capability with the retirement of its An-32s this summer. “Having a higher mission-capable rate tied with a higher utilization rate allows us to increase our ability to match Afghan requirements with its force,” said USAF Lt. Col. Christopher Smith, 538 Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron commander in Kabul. (Kabul report by MC2 Vladimir Potapenko)