Afghan Shooter Acted Alone

Afghan Shooter Acted Alone: The Air Force has concluded that the Afghan air force officer who shot eight USAF air advisors, along with one US contractor, to death in Kabul last April acted alone. While Air Force investigators “did not determine a conclusive motive,” Col. Ahmed Gul’s attack “appeared to be pre-meditated,” according to an Air Force headquarters release discussing the Air Force Office of Special Investigations’ findings concerning the April 27, 2011, incident. Multiple witness statements “indicated Gul may have had personal issues that were possibly compounded by alleged financial problems,” states the release. The findings do not support initial press reports that an argument occurred earlier that day between Gul and US service members. Nor do they support reports that Gul disarmed and methodically killed the airmen, states the release. Gul died of wounds received during the incident. (See also Friendly Fire from the Daily Report archives.)